Upcoming events in 2018:
September 6: Abstimm-Bar on the “Fair-Food” initiative @Karl der Grosse
September 13-14: Workshop “Democratic participation: theoretical and empirical perspectives” @University of Zurich

Since its creation in 2011, DemocracyNet has successfully launched a number of projects. It supports different forms of projects and activities, and fosters collaborations and encourages different dissemination activities of our members.
Its activities are in particular organized in two different forms:

  • Academic workshops for junior researchers (PhDs and Postdocs)

    • To foster interdisciplinary exchange
    • To obtain feedback from other researchers
    • To encourage collaboration and team work
  • Transfer activities and projects

    • To contribute to public debates on current political issues
    • To make academic debates more accessible to a wider audience
    • To create collaboartions between academics and civil society

Some of these workshops and transfer activities have been organized in the frame of two year-long events series funded mainly by Graduate Campus Grants. The first one, “Researching, Networking, Thinking Ahead: Democracy and Citizenship in Europe“, was launched for the academic year 2012-2013. The second one, “Democracy: Bridging Facts and Norms“, was lauched for the academic year 2015-2016.

All these activities have been funded externally, thanks to the support of our various partners.


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