People & Partners aims at connecting people who work in the field of Democracy & Citizenship in Europe from an academic and a civil society point of view. Its basic assumption is that collaborations empower the individual members to meet objectives that would otherwise be out of reach. Collaborative work also offer a potential for innovation by providing individuals with an opportunity to bridge different backgrounds and perspectives on a topic. Below, you find more information about the group and the network’s partners.


Enabling collaborations is a guiding objective of The network actually offer its members a structure to increase the scope and impact of their contributions as single persons. is a space for researchers to share their interests, to learn from others, to get feeback on their work in-progress, new findings, and developments, and to develop personal relations of trust in each other. But it also provides junior researchers with a struture to launch new projects.

The members of come from different countries and disciplines and share common interests in researching and transferring knowledge gathered in the field of Citizenship & Democracy in Europe.

The group’s fundamental basis is one of mutual trust. Some effective tools are set that facilitate internal communication, help us coordinate activities effectively or to nurture internal and external relationships. Generally, we share the insight that „maintaining relationships will always require effort, the tools can assist us but they don’t create something that is not there” (Hearn & Mendizabel 2011, 6).

  • To get more information about, or if you are interested in collaborations with, please contact Lea Heyne
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Some of’s activities have been organized in collaboration with external partners. The support of these institutional structures, associations, research networks, or civil society associations in terms of funding, expertise, and other advice has been extremely helpful.

Here to a list of our partners

We hope for new collaborations on specific projects in the future. Co-organization arrangements specifying the contribution of the various organizers are designed specifically for the project at stake.

If you are interested in collaborations with, please contact Lea Heyne.



 Posted by editor on 6. November 2011