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List of Members (in alphabetical order)

Odile Ammann Postdoctoral Researcher
Law Institute, University of Zurich

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Research interests: Constitutional law, administrative law, international law, legal theory, NGOs

DemocracyNet ad interim Treasurer 2018

Hans Asenbaum PhD Researcher, Visiting Lecturer
Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster

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Research interests: Theories and empirical study of participatory, deliberative, and radical democracy

DemocracyNet social media management 2017-2020

Palmo Brunner PhD Researcher
University of Zurich, Department of Political Science

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DemocracyNet Managing Board member 2018-2020; social media management, DPDS contact person 2018-2020

Dimitri Courant PhD Researcher and Graduate Assistant
University of Lausanne (IEPHI-LAGAPE) and University Paris 8 (CRESPPA-CSU)
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Research interests: Sortition, lottery, representation, deliberation, participation, democratic innovations, political sociology, political theory

DemocracyNet social media management 2018-2020

Alice el-Wakil PhD Researcher
Chair of Political Philosophy, University of Zurich
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Research interests: Normative political theory, democratic theory, direct democracy, popular vote processes, representation

DemocracyNet President 2016-2020; webpage management 2016-2020

Christian Ewert Postdoctoral Researcher
Chair of Democracy and Public Governance, University of Zurich

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Research interests: Transnational regulation, global governance, privatization, hybridization, accountability, content analysis, (critical) discourse analysis
Jean-Paul Gagnon Assistant Professor, Philosophy of Democracy
Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra

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Research interests: Democratic theory, democracy studies, democratization, philosophy of democracy, history of democracy, democratic teaching
Lea Heyne Postdoctoral Researcher
Research interests: Comparative politics, quality of democracy, political attitudes, democratic citizenship

DemocracyNet Vice-President 2016-2018; network’s coordinator 2016-2018

Lea Heyne
Deborah Kalte
PhD Researcher
University of Zurich / Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau

Official website
Research interests: Political consumerism, lifestyle politics, political participation

DemocracyNet Managing Board member 2018-2020; calendar manager, DPDS contact person 2018-2020

Matteo Laruffa PhD Researcher
Harvard University (Visiting fellow), LUISS University

Official website
Research interests: Democratic crisis, institutional development, constitutional democracy, comparative politics, intentional relations, political science
Libby Maman-Burstein PhD Researcher
The Hebrew University

Official website
Research interests: Quality of democracy, regulatory design, democratic theory, public administration
Henri-Pierre Mottironi PhD Researcher
University of Lausanne, Institut d’études politiques, historiques et internationnales, Centre Walras Pareto
Official website
Research interests: History of political thought, contemporary political theory, democratic theory, democratic practice, representation

DemocracyNet Vice-President 2018-2020; network’s coordinator 2018-2020

Daniel Mususa Pre-doctoral Researcher
Research interests: Youth and democracy, elections, deliberative democracy, active citizenship, community security, service delivery and accountability, corruption
Sarah Perry PhD Researcher
Mannheim Center for European Social Research (MZES), University of Mannheim
Official website
Research interests: Identity, effective and democratic political performance

DemocracyNet ResearchGate accounts management 2018-2020

Lukas Peter Postdoctoral Researcher
University of St-Gallen
Research interests: Democratic theory, philosophy of freedom, philosophy of economics, property rights

DemocracyNet Treasurer 2016-2018; Managing Board member 2018-2020

Lukas Peter
Jonathan Rinne PhD Researcher, Research and Teaching Fellow
Democratic Innovations Research Unit, Goethe-University Frankfurt

Official website
Research interests: Democratic innovations, democratic theory, citizen participation
Victor Sanchez-Mazas PhD Researcher
Insitute of Citizenship Studies, University of Geneva
Official website
Research interests: Democratic theory, deliberative democracy, participatory mechanisms
Martha Sandoval PhD Researcher
University of Zurich
Official website
Research interests: Democratic institutions, representation, participation, democratic innovations, direct democracy, democratic theory, Latin America
Antoinette Scherz Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Public and International Law, Oslo University
Official website
Research interests: International political theory, institutional design, legitimacy, democratic theory and the concept of peoples

DemocracyNet co-coordination 2011-2016

Antoinette Scherz
Maximilian Schubiger PhD Researcher, Assistant and editor at the Année Politique Suisse
University of Bern, Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Official website
Research Interests: Direct democracy (in Switzerland), democratic theories, legitimacy, political rights, checks and balances
Arno Stirnimann PhD Researcher
University of Zurich

Research interests: Political theory (realism), history of political thought (early-modern theories of the state), political ethics (dirty hands theory), state secrecy in liberal democracies
Michael Strebel Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Zurich / Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau
Official website
Research interests: Public opinion, urban politics, multilevel governance, democratic legitimacy, comparative politics

DemocracyNet mailing list 2017-2020 and member management 2018-2020

Simone Wegmann Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Geneva / University of Bremen

Official website
Research interests: Comparative politics, parliamentary institutions, democratization, political attitudes, human rights regimes

DemocracyNet new membership manager 2016-2020

Rebecca Welge Researcher, Lecturer, Civic Education Trainer
Official website
Research interests: EU Citizenship, democratic governance beyond the state, citizens’ perceptions in democracy, models of democracy

DemocracyNet founder and coordinator 2011-2016; Managing Board member 2016-2018; webpage creation and administrative management 2011-2020

Jack Williams PhD Researcher
University of Zurich
Official website
Research interests: Political theory, issues of sovereignty, the concept of the people, citizenship, identity and nationality, international institutions
Mira Wolf-Bauwens PhD Researcher
University of Zurich
Research interests: Contemporary political philosophy, democratic theory, citizenship theory, civic participation, recognition theory


Managing Board

Alice el-Wakil (President)
Henri-Pierre Mottironi (Vice-president)
Odile Ammann (Treasurer ad interim)
Palmo Brunner, Deborah Kalte, Lukas Peter

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