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We collaborated with the Franco-German Institute (dfi) to conduct a chat session (14 June 2012), in which participants of the forum “It’s our Europe! discuss their ideas regarding institutional participation mechanisms in Europe.

You find the invitation to the live chat with Gema García Albacete and Rebecca Welge here.

Some of our members, namely Mónica Ferrin, Valeria Camia, Antoinette Scherz, and Karima Bousbah, answered different questions asked by the forum participants. For example, “Does a national democratic deficit have spillovers to European democracy or vice versa? Can European democracy have positive effects on national democracy?”

You find all questions and the respective reactions by our members here *.

Further, some of us are going to moderate forum groups at the upcoming personal event in September in Ludwigsburg.
You find more information about the Forum and the related academic conference here


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