“Revisiting the challenges of democratic inclusion in theory & practice” (online) workshop

Contemporary societies in today’s globalized world are shaped by ongoing disputes about how to draw boundaries of membership and who should have a claim to be included in a democratic polity. Especially cities, where now more than half of the world’s population lives, are developing new forms of governance and designing novel ways for inclusive planning and political decision-making. In this light, it is vital to revisit and reflect about the challenges as well as opportunities in the field of democratic inclusion in a comprehensive and holistic way. Therefore, this workshop explores new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of democratic inclusion not only in theory, but also in practice.

The interdisciplinary workshop “Revisiting the challenges of democratic inclusion in theory and practice” brings together renowned academic experts and practitioners from the field of democratic inclusion. In particular, the topics of concern are formulated in relation to examining the context, the subject and means of democratic inclusion as these provide a useful framework of examining the multi-faceted issues that underpin the concept of democratic inclusion. The aim of the workshop is to encourage junior researchers to present their (working) papers and to take the opportunity to gain feedback from peers as well as from advanced scholars.

Full program here

The workshop is structured in three different panels with a
keynote speaker and participant’ presentations around the following topics:

  • New frontiers of democratic innovations
  • Inclusive political governance in global cities and beyond
  • Revisiting the boundaries of inclusion

Due to the current circumstances, the research workshop takes place online (via zoom).


Workshop attendance is free of charge and open to both paper presenters and non-presenters. Please register HERE to receive further information and the link to join the meeting.

About the organizers

The lead organizers of this workshop are Palmo Brunner, Masakazu Ogami, and Su Yun Woo.

This workshop is co-organized by DemocracyNet and the Doctoral Program Democracy Studies of the University of Zurich. Funding by the Stiftung Mercator Schweiz is gratefully acknowledged.