DemocracyNet in 2018: a year in numbers

An academic workshop with 11 speakers
DemocracyNet Research Workshop, University of Zurich
Democratic Participation: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives

6 public events with 14 guests from politics, civil society, and academia
Public Lecture “A Return to Basic Research in the Study of Democracy” by Jean-Paul Gagnon
Five Abstimm-Bars (discussion forums about upcoming popular votes in Switzerland) at Karl der Grosse
No-Billag” Initiative, “Vollgeld” Initiative, “Fair-Food” Initiative, “Selbstbestimmungsinitiative,” and Referendum gegen die Überwachung von Sozialversicherten

7 new members from 6 institutions and various disciplines of democracy studies

Odile Ammann, Jean-Paul Gagnon, Libby Maman-Burstein, Daniel Mususa, Jonathan Rinne, Victor Sanchez-Mazas, and Arno Stirnimann

Over 700 followers on Twitter and Facebook

… And plenty of projects for 2019!

Thank you to all the wonderful guests, hosts, and collaborating organizations who made it possible for our association to realize all these projects!

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