DemocracyNet in 2020: the highlights!

Research events

DemocracyNet’s Virtual Retreat
With presentations by 4 DemocracyNet members

Online Mercator Workshop “Revisiting the Challenges of Democratic Inclusion in Theory & Practice
With presentations by 9 international junior scholars, keynote speeches by 3 international senior scholars and a panel discussion by 3 international subject experts

Transfer events

Abstimm-Bar on the popular initiative “Mehr Bezahlbare Wohnungen”

Abstimm-Bar on the facultative referendum “Beschaffung neuer Kampfflugzeuge”

Book project “One year of Covid-19: DemocracyNet’s Retrospective”
(more on this soon!)

New members

Alix d’Agostino, Azucena Morán, Francesco Veri,
Giada Gianola, Jan-Erik Refle, Johannes Besch

Many thanks

to the wonderful members, organisers, guests, hosts, and collaborating organisations who made this challenging year so exciting for our association!

Happy holidays and see you in 2021!