Effective task sharing

This site is only accessible to members of the group and gives orientation who is dealing with which tasks. Only tasks related to the general functioning of the network (and no project specific tasks) are listed:

Network’s coordinator: LEA HEYNE – email her

  • Be the ‘person of reference’, know about the different projects going on
  • Represent and promote the network when needed
  • Encourage new members to join
  • Check membership status

Treasurer: LUKAS PETER – email him

  • Gather membership’s fees
  • Pay/refund bills (but not the ones related to any other funded project)
  • Prepare the yearly budget and hand it in

Web communication (public website): ALICE EL-WAKIL – email her

  • Update the webpage’s content [democracynet.eu]
  • The facebook page [facebook.com/democracynet]

Web commmunication (internal member area website): REBECCA WELGE – email her

  • Create /update login accounts [membership management – access to internal webpage area]
  • Update the internal web pages [https://democracynet.eu/member-area/…]
    • make General Assembly’s decisions available
    • keep ‘effective task sharing’ up-to-date
    • enter the answers to welcome survey [5Qs] to the Intranet

Administration of internal/external mailing lists: MICHAEL STREBEL – email him

  • Manage the internal [members@democracynet.eu] and external [mailinglist@democracynet.eu] mainiling lists
  • Login to list administration (internal & external mailing list) to deal with admin requests (e.g. pending moderator requests, general options) on demand and for changing general settings [https://ml01.ispgateway.de/….]
  • Send an annual reminder about how list can be used / for what
  • Moderate the (external) mailinglist  if moderation is required

Website Hosting: REBECCA WELGE – email her

  • pay bills for domain and hosting [web page currently hosted by DomainFactory]
  • manage default settings
    • website (user roles, appearance, plugins, …)
    • new & existing mail addressess [….@democracynet.eu] & default settings for mailing lists [….@democracynet.eu]
    • automatic updates and backups of websie

Organization of new membership requests: SIMONE WEGMANN – email her

  • Be the person of contact for potential or new applicants [registration@democracynet.eu]
  • Send welcome message & explain functioning of DemocracyNet.eu (standard e-mail) on demand
    • ask to fill in the questionnaire [5Qs]
    • ask for information for public member’s page [position, official webpage, research interests, picture]
  • Forward the new member’s name and mail address to
    • (1) admininstrator of (internal) member area of website for creating a user account (subscriber) at democracynet.eu webpage, (2) admin of the internal mailing list
  • Forward the new member’s info to
    • (1) admininstrator of (internal) member area [5Qs], (2) web communicator for updating the public members’ page [position, official webpage, research interests, picture], and (3) treasurer for the payment of the membership fee