One Year with Covid-19


One year with Covid-19 edited by Christian Ewert and Lea Heyne

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Even though this pandemic is far from over, we decided that now is a good time to draw an initial conclusion: How has one year of Covid-19 changed democracy? The idea behind this book is very simple. We have asked democracy researchers from a wide range of disciplines and countries what the implications are for democracy after one year with Covid-19. What challenges and opportunities does Covid-19 pose for democratic representation, participation, and decision-making? What weaknesses and strengths of individual countries have been exposed by the pandemic?

To address a broad audience, this retrospective assembles 26 brief contributions, written in German, French, Italian, and English. The book focuses on three main areas and is accordingly divided into three parts: social implications, political implications, and country-specific reports. We hope to stimulate reflections and joint discussions!

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