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DemocracyNet is an international and interdisciplinary association of researchers in democracy studies.

Its basic assumption is that collaborations empower the individual members to meet objectives that would otherwise be out of reach. It thus offers its members a light structure that facilitates cooperation and team-work on academic and transfer projects, and promotes their research.


The members of DemocracyNet come from different countries and disciplines. Their common interests for research in democracy studies and for expanding dialogue between academia and the broader society are at the origin of numerous collective projects.

Your can learn more here about what DemocracyNet does for its members and about how to get involved.



Some of DemocracyNet’s activities have been organized in collaboration with external partners. The support of these institutional structures, associations, research networks, or civil society associations in terms of funding, expertise, and other advice has been extremely helpful.

Here to a list of our partners

We hope for new collaborations on specific projects in the future. Co-organization arrangements specifying the contribution of the various organizers are designed specifically for the project at stake.

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