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is a non-partisan and non-profit association of junior researchers. Started as an informal network by female academics in 2011, it gathers young researchers from diverse disciplines dedicated to the study of democracy.

During the academic year 2015-2016, DemocracyNet.eu members based at the University of Zurich are organising a series of events on the theme “Democracy: Bridging Facts and Norms.”

Our next public event: “Democracy and Capitalism – Or Economic Democracy?”
by Alex Demirovic (Goethe Universität Frankfurt), June 9, 2016, at 6.30 pm, UZH


DemocracyNet.eu has two major objectives: Foster the exchange between academics, and between academics and practitioners, and transfer academic knowledge into society. The members of our network are interested in getting in touch with other researchers and practitioners to develop collaborations serving these aims.

Information about the network, its past activities, its current projects, and its members is available on this website. You can also learn more about how to get involved in the network here.

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 1. June 2015

We are glad to invite you to the public lecture of Alex Demirovic on June 9, 2016, in Zurich. This public event is the third event organized in the frame of the events series “Democracy: Bridging Facts and Norms.”

BridgingFactsAndNorms.ev3Alex Demirovic, whom we have the chance to also welcome as external expert for the academic workshop “Contextualizing Democracy” (June 9-10), will question the relation between the exconomic context and democracy: “Democracy and Capitalism – Or Economic Democracy?”

Demirovic’s presentation will be followed by a critical comment and discussion with the Professor for Business Administration and Theories of the Firm Andreas Scherer (University of Zurich). The event will be moderated by the political philosopher Vanessa Rampton (ETH Zurich).

Time: 6.30 – 8.00 p.m.
Place: Main building of the University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 71, room KOL-G-21 (Aula).
Map here

The event is co-organized by DemocracyNet.eu and Denknetz.
With the generous support of UZH Graduate Campus.

 12. May 2016

What role do political philosophers have in democratic societies? Can normative theories harm? And how to avoid it?

Philippe Van Parijs, Professor at the Hoover Chair of economic and social ethics, accepted to share his perspective on these and other questions on how to bridge facts and norms in democracy studies.

This interview took place at the University of Zurich on February 19, 2016, after DemocracyNet.eu’s “Justice and Democracy: Assessing Political Legitimacy” workshop. It constitutes a contribution to our 2015-2016 events series “Democracy: Bridging Facts and Norms.”

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Interview and jingle by Alice el-Wakil.
Music “Sunday Lovers” by Monday Night Fever.
Link: https://cast.switch.ch/vod/clips/1q3nmdl9xn/mobile.mp4

 4. March 2016

The workshop “Justice and Democracy: Assessing Political Legitimacy,” the first of two workshops organized within the “Democracy: Bridging Facts and Norms” events series, took lace at the University of Zurich on February 18-19.

DemocracyNet.eu - Justice and Democracy workshop

12 participants (PhDs and Postdocs) presented papers and obtained feedback from our three discussants, Philippe Van Parijs (Université Catholique de Louvain), Monica Ferrin (University of Zurich), and Marco Steenbergen (University of Zurich). Lively and inspiring discussions took place among the participants and discussants on the presentations and on the ways to bridge theoretical and empirical research.

Please find the report of this workshop here.

Check the Call for Papers for our next workshop!

 2. March 2016